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For more power at higher speeds

ach generation is different and GEN III is even better. The combination of high-strength steel cord tension members and abrasion-resistant polyurethane makes the CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX GEN III polyurethane timing belt dimensionally stable and particularly durable. The intensive research and development work that went into the design of the CONTI®SYNCHROFLEX timing belts of the AT and ATP series was worthwhile and increased the power transmission of the new GEN III by nearly 25% in comparison to the standard AT/ATP version. The fact that all CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX GEN III polyurethane timing belts can be used with the standard AT/ATP synchronising pulleys is an additional economical bonus.

Thanks to the use of a bifilar tension member arrangement and a higher packing density, the CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX GEN III timing belts for the AT and ATP series provide the best possible solution for any product down to the smallest detail. The high performance polyurethane used for the CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX GEN III achieves considerably higher benchmark results and the increased hardness of the polyurethane allows a higher number of load-bearing teeth.

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• Constant length
• Wear resistant
• Up to 25% higher power transmission
• Temperature resistant from -30 °C to +100 °C (please ask for technical support for temperatures close to these limits).
• Highly flexible
• Lower noise with reduced belt width and equal performance
• Fatigue resistant
• Hydrolysis stabilized
• Resistant to ageing
• Resistant to simple oils, grease and petrol
• Conditionally resistant to acids and lyes
• Raw materials and production are silicone free

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CONTI®SYNCHROFLEX GEN III - profiles and length ranges


Length range Lw (mm)

AT 3

150 - 1011

AT 5

225 – 2000

AT 10

440 - 1940

ATP 10

630 - 1800

ATP 15

1125 - 1560

AT 20

1000 - 1960

Further versions and dimensions on request.

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