BRECO® timing belts

BRECO® timing belts

Precision – even in confined spaces

BRECO® timing belts are used in applications such as industrial robots, racking systems, cutting and drawing plotters and in handling systems. This polyurethane timing belt reliably meets the special requirements involved, such as fast, precise positioning and smooth movements in all directions. BRECO® timing belts are also suitable for special transport tasks in conveying systems. BRECO® timing belts are manufactured as open length belts with tension members that are arranged parallel to the edges.

BRECO® timing belts cover large centre distances and allow travel speeds of up to 10 m/s. Timing belt drives offer design engineers the ideal mechanism for converting rotary movements into linear movements. BRECO® timing belts stand out for their ability to ensure precise movement sequences, as well as positioning with pinpoint accuracy and high repeatability for the most varied applications.

The BRECO® ATL timing belt, specially optimised for linear drive applications, offers more flexibility thanks to even stronger steel tension members. Its flexibility, paired with high longitudinal stiffness, makes it suitable for applications where constructional space is limited and precision requirements are particularly high.

BRECO-V: BRECO® timing belts are manufactured from open length material, joined to form endless belts. The use of endless BRECO® timing belts is preferred in conveying technology for covering large centre distances.


  • Allows smooth movements in all directions
  • Positioning accuracy
  • Fast and reliable
  • Designed for travel speeds of up to 10 m/s
  • Ideally suited to converting rotary movements into linear movements
  • Precise movement sequences
  • Positioning with pinpoint accuracy and high repeatability
  • In the ATL version, even stronger steel tension members, permitting flexibility paired with high longitudinal stiffness

BRECOFLEX® profiles

  • High performance AT timing belts
  • Self-guiding timing belts BAT, BATK, SFAT, ATK, TK
  • Standard T timing belts
  • Imperial pitch timing belts
  • ATL profile specifically for linear drive applications