Synchronising pulleys and accessories

Synchronising pulleys and accessories

From standard to customised production

Timing belts develop their full potential only in precise interaction with their connecting components. For this reason, we offer a carefully matched range of synchronising pulleys and other components for our entire range of timing belts. Our standard warehouse range encompasses more than 3,500 different synchronising pulleys, tension rollers, tension plates, clamp plates, support rails, and more.

The series production of the standardised Mulco synchronising pulley range and the design and manufacture of customised synchronising pulleys and components meet the highest technical standards. High quality is our first priority.

You can use our Mulco belt pilot with the extensive product catalogue, technical data sheets and CAD downloads, as well as a tool to calculate your personal design solutions online.

Our portable welding device TSG 5 facilitates timing belt changing. It is suitable for all timing belt profiles and stands out for its simple handling and suitability for use on site. Your advantage: The TSG 5 makes it possible to reach difficult-to-access drive units, thereby reducing your machine downtimes. Please contact the Mulco sales partner in your area for more information.