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We know our capabilities and we know from experience that we haven't stopped learning. Only our constant endeavour to be at the forefront of innovation will ensure that we will continue to be the first and best contact for timing belt technology in the future. You can read about our current projects here: New products, ideas and application reports from the industry.

Water jet cutting for timing belts: An extremely clean and precise cut

Efficient, quick and, above all, precise – BRECO director Dr. Thomas Steinert explains the innovative water jet cutting method for finishing polyurethane transport timing belts.

New timing belt backing for transporting hot products

Heat-resistant and durable:
The new backing material 4 mm aramid felt for BRECO® polyurethane timing belts can briefly withstand temperatures of up to 500°C. Read our news feature to discover notable features of its application.

New timing belt backings: Greater variety of adjustment options

BRECO Antriebstechnik now offers three new backings for PU conveyor timing belts: sponge rubber, foam rubber and Supergrip FDA blue. This represents yet another expansion of the already broad field of possible applications for the popular BRECO® timing belts. They are available Europe-wide through the partner network of Mulco-Europe EWIV. Application expertise and technical consultation is included.

New PU timing belt pitch AT8

The timing belt manufacturer BRECO Antriebstechnik, based in Porta Westfalica, Germany, is now making a new high-performance PU timing belt available Europe-wide through the sales partner network of Mulco-Europe EWIV. In addition to the AT10 and AT15 timing belt pitches, the BRECOFLEXmove AT8 is the first endless extruded PU timing belt with an 8 mm pitch available to engineers.

BRECOroll - more capacity, increased service life

BRECOroll is a newly developed polyurethane timing belt with integrated rolls in the belt teeth. Thus, in material transport systems the sliding friction between timing belt and support rail is reduced while the drive effectiveness and the service life of the timing belt is considerably increased.

Safely transport “overhead”

With immediate effect, sales partners of Mulco Europe EWIV are offering a new timing belt-pulley system for all material handling systems: BRECOvacuum. This innovative vacuum system enables “overhead” transportation of films, papers, glass panes or thin metal sheets in a safer and more efficient manner than with conventional vacuum timing belts made of polyurethane.

Lightweight construction with polyurethane timing belts

Lightweight, stable, weather-proof: Learn how BRECOprotect® PU timing belts support year-round maintenance of wind power plants.

It is the details that truly matter

We would like to show you how BRECO responds to current trends in drive technology and automation by offering suitable solutions with exceptional “ingredients”.


Heavy-duty timing belts in the hyperloop traffic system HyperPodX can reach speed of up to 500 km/h.


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Water jet cutting for timing belts: An extremely clean and precise cut

Approximately 70% of BRECO® transport belts require customisation. Flexible, yet economically viable PU belt finishing poses a great challenge. Innovative water jet cutting allows BRECO to achieve greater precision, reduced costs and shorter delivery times.