BRECObasic® timing belts

The basis for your success

As an economically priced brand name product for simple applications, the BRECObasic® timing belt proves its strengths in both linear transmission and conveyor technology. This polyurethane timing belt is suitable for a wide range of applications. The spectrum of dimensions and customising options opens up a range of possible applications, such as the feeding and discharge or stacking of glass panes or wooden boards.

Various coatings and backings extend the range of applications to include general transport tasks, including those in wet areas. The Supergrip basic backing makes the belt suitable for use in inclined conveyors or elevators. If reduced friction is required for specific applications, this can be achieved with an appropriate PAZ nylon tooth facing.

BRECObasic® is suitable for applications requiring high timing belt quality that do not need special belt properties such as restricted tolerances, special resistances or further processing options for the timing belt itself. It is available as open length or endless joined belts.



  • Suitable for linear transmission and conveyor technology
  • Familiar BRECO quality ensures smooth-running and reliable operations
  • Made in Germany
  • Variety of special coatings and backings
  • Special versions available for use in wet areas
  • Suitable for simple tasks in linear transmission and conveyor technology
  • Economical due to standardised production

BRECObasic® profiles

  • High performance AT timing belts
  • Standard T timing belts
  • Self-guiding timing belts: BRECObasic® TK10K13