BRECOprotect® timing belts

For maximum hygiene in the food processing industry

BRECOprotect® timing belts meet the stringent requirements laid down by the food inspection authorities. The product range with the characteristic blue colour meets the conformity criteria of FDA regulations CFR § 177, the European Directives (EC) 1935/2004, (EU) No. 10/2011 and the EC Directives 90/128/CEE and 96/11/CE.

These polyurethane timing belts are also suitable for moist environments and for contact with sensitive products, as the design without winding nose prevents the build-up of concealed and difficult-to-remove deposits and facilitates cleaning.

BRECOprotect® timing belts are specifically designed for use in moist environments in which conventional timing belts would show signs of hydrolysis. They are available as open length or endless joined belts.


  • The perfect choice for meeting the high demands of the food industry
  • Designed to meet the conformity criteria of the American FDA and European directives
  • Guarantees simple cleaning due to the design without winding nose
  • Suitable for use in moist environments
  • Steel tension members are protected from corrosion

BRECOprotect® profiles

  • High performance profiles AT5 PRO, AT10 PRO, AT15 PRO, AT20 PRO
  • Standard profiles T10 PRO, T20 PRO
  • Flat belts F3 PRO
  • Special versions (flights, colours) are available on request