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The Mulco belt pilot, our product catalogue with CAD download and calculation program, enables you to configure your personal design solutions online and download CAD models free of charge. Determine the number of teeth, plan the width of the belts or calculate the diameter of the pulleys – with our extensive range of products and versatile calculation options, you will find a suitable solution for your polyurethane timing belt drive.

To use the Mulco belt pilot free of charge, all you have to do is register.

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Mulco belt pilot – the all-rounder


Select a timing belt

You can call up all the product information that you need for the configuration of your timing belt drive in the online product catalogue. Select the desired power transmission, linear drive or conveyor technology solution. Using the dimensions and other specifications you will quickly find a suitable timing belt.

Download a CAD model

Select your product from the categories "High-performance profiles", "Linear drive technology", "Transport technology" or "Components" and click on the CAD symbol to download. Our powerful CAD tool permits 2D and 3D imaging from different perspectives and allows the drawing models to be imported into your own CAD system.


Calculate a timing belt drive

Mulco belt pilot helps you correctly configure all the drive elements right from the start. Click on the button "Calculate", log in and configure your drive. You can arrange, move, copy and insert pulleys and tensioning elements. Our calculation tool is suitable for multiple shaft power transmissions, open or enclosed lifting drives, linear trolleys and linear slides.

Request a quotation

Requesting a quotation only takes a few steps. Place the timing belts and accessory parts into the enquiry basket by clicking on the basket symbol. It is not necessary to enter the technical data using the keyboard. Click on the button "Send enquiry" to submit your enquiry basket.


Request technical support

You can contact a Mulco sales partner using the "Support" link. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the configuration of your timing belt drive or cannot find a suitable design version. Our advice: Send us your saved calculation file (if applicable) as an attachment.

Holiday on the beach

Of full moon nights and high-end customer service

Glaston Germany's systems use many special BRECO timing belts. The editorial team of Mulco travelled to the northern Black Forest to find out more about the impressive collaboration between Glaston and its partners, BRECO Antriebstechnik and Hilger u. Kern.