For extreme, high-power applications

High tear strength combined with extraordinary tensile force – these properties make CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN one of the most powerful polyurethane timing belts in the world. The typical CTD profile in the CTD C8M and CTD C14M versions permits extreme applications, even with high torques. This timing belt allows reverse bending in multi-pulley operation, and is destined for drives of the highest performance class


  • Temperature resistant from -55 °C to +80 °C depending on the application (for temperatures below -40 °C please request technical support from your Mulco sales partner)
  • Suitable for use in tropical climates
  • Resistant to ageing and ozone
  • Withstands contraflexure
  • Resistant to simple oils, grease and petrol
  • Conditionally resistant to acids and lyes
  • Raw materials and production are silicone free
  • Maintenance free

CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN - profiles and length ranges

ProfileLenth range Lw (mm)
CTD C8M640 – 4480
CTD C14M994 - 4410