A powerful choice

Open length CONTI® SYNCHRODRIVE timing belts are used in material flow, linear drive applications and conveyor technology, and for entry systems. They transmit rotary motion uniformly and with angular precision. CONTI® SYNCHRODRIVE timing belts permit economical drive designs to meet even the most demanding drive requirements. They stand out for their high level of operating safety and reliability, and maintenance-free design.

CONTI® SYNCHRODRIVE timing belts are available in 10 tooth profiles and several standard widths, covering a range of different applications involving various loads and operating conditions. They are ideal for drives with large centre distances, synchronous conveyor systems and transport devices with sliding rails, as well as for positioning and reversing drives in linear drive applications and control technology.

Modern production techniques and rigorous in-process quality controls guarantee products with maximum reliability and consistently high quality. CONTI® SYNCHRODRIVE timing belts are manufactured as high-precision open length belts using a specially developed production process. They are used as open length or endless joined belts.


  • Wear resistant
  • Resistant to oils and grease
  • Resistant to petrol and benzene
  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Resistant to UV and ozone
  • Temperature resistant from -30 °C to 80 °C depending on the application (for applications at temperatures below -10 °C and above 50 °C please request technical support from your Mulco sales partner)
  • Can be welded to thermoplastics
  • Raw materials and production are silicone free

CONTI® SYNCHRODRIVE - profiles and belt widths

ProfileBelt width (mm)
HTD 3M5 – 50
HTD 5M5 – 50
HTD 8M10 – 100
HTD 14M25 - 150
STD S3M5 – 50
STD S5M5 – 50
STD S8M10 - 100

Further timing belt widths on request.