BRECOroll Zahnriemen aus Polyurethan

BRECOroll – more capacity, increased service life

BRECOroll - more capacity, increased service life

BRECOroll Zahnriemen aus Polyurethan

Polyurethane timing belt BRECOroll. Photo: BRECO

BRECOroll is a newly developed polyurethane timing belt with integrated rolls in the belt teeth. Thus, in material transport systems the sliding friction between timing belt and support rail is reduced while the drive effectiveness and the service life of the timing belt is considerably increased.

Polyurethane timing belts used for material transport tasks are usually very long and run in a guide rail that supports the timing belt and absorbs the weight forces of the belt and goods to be transported. The sliding friction between belt and support rail generated during this process must be overcome by means of additional drive capacity. This results in self-heating which reduces the belt sturdiness and, thus, its service life.

The rolls in the belt teeth of the BRECOroll are used to replace the sliding friction (µ>0.5) by an essentially lower rolling friction (µ<0.2). The required drive capacity reduces and the belt service life is increased due to the lower heat generation.

BRECOroll can be used up to speeds of 1 m/s and a surface load of up to 3 kg per roll. For this reason, the new, patented timing belt is suitable for most of the material transport tasks in automated production processes.

The BRECOroll timing belt is available in the pitches T20 and in 100 mm width as open length and as a welded V-belt. Special material and colours as well as backings are possible upon request.

Garbsen, 16.03.2021
Mulco-Europe EWIV